Guide to Giveaways on Light Fish

Posted by on 09/18/2023

Light Fish giveaways are a fun way for Light Fish members to score free aquarium fish, corals, plants, and much more.

You must be a U.S. resident to enter into giveaways.

Let’s review how giveaways work on Light Fish, so that you can understand how you can enter for a chance to win.

How Giveaways Work

Giveaways are a ticket-based system where users on Light Fish can enter to win prizes at no cost. Once you accept our giveaway terms in your account settings, you’ll be able to enter into giveaways.

As a member of Light Fish, you have access to one free entry into each giveaway we host.

To claim your free entry, visit the giveaway you’re interested in and click on the “Claim 1 FREE Entry” button. Clicking this button will grant you one free entry into the giveaway.

A Giveaway Entry Button
The "Claim 1 FREE Entry" button

You can view actively-running and past giveaways you’ve entered into, in your account settings, under the Giveaways tab.

The Giveaways Tab
View entered giveaways in account settings

Once the giveaway ends, we’ll upload a recording of a “spin-to-win” game, and announce the winner on the giveaway page.

How can I find out if I’ve won a giveaway?

You can view current and past giveaways you’ve entered into under the Giveaways tab in your account settings.

If you win, you’ll receive an email from “” to schedule shipment. If you lost, you won’t hear from us, but you can try again on the next giveaway!

Giveaway Tickets

A giveaway ticket counts as one entry into a giveaway, these tickets never expire. For example, if you’ve entered 6 tickets into a giveaway, and only one other person enters 1 ticket into the giveaway, you’d have a 85.71% chance of winning, as you’d have 6 entries out of 7 total.

A Giveaway Entry
You can enter more tickets into active giveaways

Once you’ve entered tickets into a giveaway, these tickets are considered spent.

Earning More Giveaway Tickets

Light Fish users can earn more giveaway tickets by sharing referral links to actively running giveaways on social media.

Once someone other than yourself clicks on a shared referral link you'll earn a giveaway ticket. You can earn up to one ticket per social media website, per giveaway.

The following social media sites are supported:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • iPhone (iMessage)

We'll be adding more ways to earn tickets over time, so check back often!

Referral links for actively running giveaways can be found in your account settings page, under the giveaways tab.

The Referral Tab
The Referral Links tab in account settings

If someone uses your referral link, you’ll see a log entry under the “Tickets” tab, in your account settings page under Giveaways.

The Tickets Log
The ticket log entry section in account settings

Once the giveaway expires, so will your referral link for that particular giveaway.


Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of Light Fish giveaways, it’s time to start entering! If you have any questions, you can leave a comment down below, and you can also send us an e-mail at

Good luck! 🥳

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