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✨ 5 Yellow Guppies ✨
✨ 5 Yellow Guppies ✨
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from Texas

Description: Guppies are a good beginner fish, they have a wide range of water parameters. And can live in a smaller tank. Make sure to feed them good and eventually you will have plenty of them to go around. You will receive 5 per order DOAS! Please send me a picture of the unopened bag 2 hours after delivery. And I can give you a refund or send more fish ( if stock is available). Thank you, Micahsellsfish

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One of my biggest passions is fish keeping, I love all the cool and exciting fish in the hobby. And I hope to pass that on to other people. I always have a new desire to do a breeding project or buy a new exotic fish. So if you love fish or if you don’t consider joining me in this AMAZING HOBBY!

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