10 Best Places for Buying African Cichlids Online

Posted by on 08/28/2023

African cichlids are some of the most unique freshwater species available in the aquarium hobby. These fish, native to Lake Malawi, Lake Victoria, and Lake Tanganyika, are sought after for their unique coloration. Since there is an endless amount of color patterns related to these fish, hobbyists have included the species in some of the most award-winning tanks.

If you're looking to build out the cichlid tank of your dreams, you'll need to find a reputable vendor who sells these fish online. In this post, we'll recommend 10 of the best places for buying African cichlids online.

Our Top 10

Many of the vendors on this list have a proven success rate when it comes to shipping and handling. However, as a hobbyist, it's your responsibility to do your part to ensure a successful delivery when purchasing online. If possible, always order from vendors closest to the delivery destination, so that delays in shipment don't have negative consequences for your fish, and be sure to monitor and track any shipments so that you're ready to acclimate your new species into your display or quarantine tank.

Jason's Plecos & Cichlids

Yaha Pike Cichlids, Black Widow Frontosa Cichlids, Red Spot Gold Severums and much more make up the inventory list over at Jason's Plecos & Cichlids. With a 100% Live Arrival Guarantee and a 10% discount for military and first responders, this Kentucky-based vendor has been caring for aquatic life since 2019.

Shop Jason's Plecos & Cichlids: https://jasonsplecoscichlids.com/

Image of a Peacock Cichlid
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A Peacock Cichlid

Ron's Cichlids

Specializing almost exclusively in African cichlids, Ron's Cichlids has some of the rarest offerings in the cichlid tank scene. Hobbyists can pick up Haplochromis, Mbunas, and Peacocks from Ron's online store, and can also grab Ron's exclusive homemade Cichlid fish food to enhance their newly purchased cichlid's coloration. Orders ship from South Carolina.

Shop Ron's Cichlids: https://ronscichlids.com/

Tampa Bay Cichlids

Florida-based Tampa Bay Cichlids is online-only, meaning no in-person pick-up options, but that shouldn't stop hobbyists from ordering from David's online megastore. With a facility housing over 800 fish tanks, there are plenty of cichlids available for purchase, and orders over $125 ship free.

Shop Tampa Bay Cichlids: https://www.tampabaycichlids.com/

Aquascape Online

Although Aquascapeonline's website is starting to show its age, hobbyists can phone in orders and subscribe to deals on some of their exotic fish offerings. Gars, piranhas, and cichlids are all up for sale on their e-commerce website, just be sure you're following any local wildlife laws before making a purchase.

Shop Aquascape Online: https://www.aquascapeonline.com/

Coast Gem USA

While high-grade fancy guppies and exotic bettas make up a big part of Coast Gem USA's inventory, WYSIWYG cichlids also go available for sale on their website. Most of their Cichlids are peacocks, but hobbyists will have plenty of options and different color patterns to choose from.

Shop Coast Gem USA: https://coastgemusa.com/

Color Aquatics

Rare and exotic fish are the name of the game for California-based Color Aquatic. While their online inventory is a bit on the small side, hobbyists can find species like the Red Fire Pike and Bumblebee Oscar up for sale.

Shop Color Aquatics: https://coloraquatics.com/

The Consolidated Fish Farms

Haps and Mbunas are all up for sale on the Consolidated Fish Farm's Shopify website, and hobbyists have plenty of options to choose from. Electric Yellow Labs, Snow White Cichlids, and Red Zebras are just a few of many Mbunas offered, and Peacocks such as the O.B., and Blue Dolphin are all up for sale for only around $10/fish (+shipping).

Shop The Consolidated Fish Farms: https://consolidatedff.com/


Discus aren't the only fish available over on Discus.com, which also offers Tetras, Barbs, and you guessed it - Cichlids. While at the time of writing, we haven't seen any African Cichlids available, they do have quite a few Rams for hobbyists looking to try out a few smaller-sized Cichlids.

Shop Discus.com: https://discus.com/

Flip Aquatics

Known for its wide variety of freshwater aquarium shrimp, Robert's e-commerce business operates over 250 different aquariums and includes quite a few types of Cichlids. Similar to Discus.com, Flip Aquatics doesn't sell Africans, but they do sell Dwarf cichlids and species of Apistogramma for those looking to branch out into new areas of cichlid-keeping.

Shop Flip Aquatics: https://flipaquatics.com/

Lone Star Rare Exotic Fish Co.

Hailing from the great state of Texas, Lone Star Rare Exotic Fish Co. offers a 100% live arrival guarantee and overnight shipping via UPS. Hobbyists looking to order over 50+ cichlids can take advantage of their group deals, which typically ship somewhere between 10-30 days.

Best of all, overnight shipping only costs the customer around $29.99.

Shop Lone Star Rare Exotic Fish Co.: https://www.lonestarrareexoticfish.com/

More Places to Shop

While we've covered quite a few different options on our list, hobbyists may still be interested in finding a vendor that's a bit closer in distance. Luckily, we built a massive list of over 250 online aquarium stores 👀 to help narrow down your search.

Search stores by state and products offered to support businesses in your home state.


Now that we've covered a few of our favorite options for buying African cichlids online - do you have a favorite store that didn't make the list?

Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out our marketplace, where you can buy African cichlids directly from other hobbyists and small businesses.

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