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Unsure where to start on your planted tank journey? Here are six bunches of the easiest, best growing plants we have. Perfect for low to medium light tanks, Walstads, and other low-tech aquariums! One bunch is 4-6 stems and may be branched and rooted. You'll receive one bunch of each: Hornwort, Moneywort, Bronze Cabomba, Rotala H'ra, Pearlweed, Brazilian Pennywort. Low- maintenance plant bunches to give you maximum color and textural interest without spending too much time on them. These are upright, stem types that will multiply over time through lateral nodes and branching. You can achieve fuller, thicker plant mounds by trimming and replanting those trims. I've selected these varieties for how quickly they grow, in addition to that ease of care. These will comfortably fill up a ten gallon on day one. Keep trimming! Don't miss this extraordinary deal! I do have snails in tanks. Shipped via USPS First class Package, Mondays and Fridays. Thanks for looking Aqua friends!- Cassandra @

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Melissa Barker
Melissa Barker March 27, 2024

I got my blue mystery snail. He was alive, thank goodness. He is thriving in my tank. I didn't think I would even like having a snail, but he's very interesting to watch, so active. I'm only giving 4 stars because I never got a tracking number. I didn't know it had shipped, and our USPS service is terrible here. I was checking the mail daily. I ordered March 27th, and it arrived April 1st.

Miche October 18, 2023

Nice variety of plants! Arrived quickly and in great condition! Thanks

Scooter May 17, 2022

Arrived on time and alive! well packaged and healthy! will be ordering again!