Candy Crush Mushroom Coral

Posted by Miles Harrison on 01/29/2022

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What are Candy Crush Mushroom Corals?

Native to the tropical Indo-Pacific, Candy Crush Mushroom Corals are a type of Mushroom Coral known for their bright orange coloration. Technically considered saltwater Cnidarians, these mushrooms are some of the brightest available in the hobby.

Image of a Candy Crush Mushroom Coral
Mature Candy Crush Mushrooms can change from orange to a blue/green color

Candy Crush Mushroom Care

Mushroom Corals can tolerate a wide variety of water conditions, making the Candy Crush Mushroom an excellent choice for beginners new to reef aquariums. These corals will attach to live rock or other hardscapes, but won't tolerate excessive light and high flow conditions. 10-20% weekly or bi-weekly water changes are recommended to keep these corals nice and healthy.

Image of Candy Crush Mushroom
These Candy Crush Mushrooms make an excellent addition to any reef tank
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Candy Crush Mushroom Lighting

Candy Crush Mushroom corals do not need much light to thrive and do well in indirect light. Depending on tank size, running at least 2-3 Mars Aqua or ViparSpectra 165W lights for 8-10 hours a day will work well for these corals. You'll want to aim for at least 75 par. Actinic lighting greatly enhances the colors of these corals.

Candy Crush Mushroom Feeding

These corals can grow quite well without feeding. Reefers will occasionally feed them Coral Pellets , but Candy Crush Mushroom Corals are capable of going many months without direct feeding.

Candy Crush Mushroom Propagation

Candy Crush Mushrooms can be propagated quite easily. Start by removing the mushroom from your reef tank. Using a scalpel or sharp pair of scissors, cut the mushroom in half. You'll want to make sure the mouth and foot remain attached to each piece. After cutting, these mushrooms will exude toxins. We recommend placing these new cuts in a separate tank with matching water conditions for 2-3 days. After a few days have passed, you'll be able to glue or reattach these corals to hardscape in your reef tank.

Where Can I Buy Candy Crush Mushroom Coral?

Occasionally, Candy Crush Mushrooms are available for sale from Local Reefers on Light Fish, Reef2Reef , or coral farms such as World Wide Corals .

Happy Reefkeeping!