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Need some color? Spice up your tank with our Color Plant Pack! These are six of the best non-green plants we have. You'll receive beauties in red, gold, bronze and pink. Best for medium to high- light tanks! Co2 injection not necessary, but you'll certainly get the brightest colors if you do have it going. A bunch is 4 to 6 stems. You'll receive the following varieties: One Bunch Scarlet Temple (Hot pink/ Red), One Bunch Ludwigia Repens (Red), One Bunch Golden Jenny (Gold), One Bunch Rotala H'ra (Pink), Small Bronze Crypt Wendtii (Bronze), One Dwarf Aquarium Lily (Pink/ Red. These varieties are a bit more high-maintenance than our usual fare. You may find you need brighter light and possible iron supplementation to really make these plants look their best. Co2 solves the algae problem that high lights and fertilization inevitably produce :) I have grown each of these varieties in a myriad of low tech Walstad-style nano tanks. I noticed that, while trimming the various aforementioned bunches is normal and expected, the Lily bulb needed consistent pruning of the larger leaves to look its best. If you don't prune, the lily leaves will very quickly accumulate on the surface, blocking out all light. Definitely more advisable for larger tanks 10+ gallons! Bettas just love it though! I do have harmless snails in tanks. Shipped free Mondays/ Fridays via USPS First class, I can combine orders for a discount, message me! Thanks everyone! Cassandra at

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pH 6.0-8.0 pH
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Miche October 18, 2023

Nice variety of plants! Arrived quickly and in great condition! Thanks

Melissa Barker
Melissa Barker March 27, 2024

I got my blue mystery snail. He was alive, thank goodness. He is thriving in my tank. I didn't think I would even like having a snail, but he's very interesting to watch, so active. I'm only giving 4 stars because I never got a tracking number. I didn't know it had shipped, and our USPS service is terrible here. I was checking the mail daily. I ordered March 27th, and it arrived April 1st.

Miche October 18, 2023

Nice variety of plants! Arrived quickly and in great condition! Thanks

Scooter May 17, 2022

Arrived on time and alive! well packaged and healthy! will be ordering again!