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This stunning Blue Dolphin Cichlid (Cyrtocara moori) is sure to make a beautiful addition to any aquarium. Its vibrant colors and moderate temperament make it an ideal choice for intermediate aquarists. This fish thrives in tropical water and feeds well on a high-quality diet. With its unique appearance and compatibility with other fish species, this Blue Dolphin Cichlid is a great choice for any aquarium enthusiast. It belongs to the Cichlid family and is known for its breathtaking beauty. Add this fish to your collection today and watch it swim gracefully in your aquarium. -The fish being sold are in picture. -All Cichlids are 3-3.5inch -All Cichlids were raised with highly nutritious food since birth. -GUARANTEED as long as you send us a photo of fish with in 24 hours of arrival. -All cichlids are bagged with care and shipped promptly after order. -We will answer any questions you have regarding care before or after sale.

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🐟 3 fellow hobbyists got together to make the most beautiful fish on the market. 🐟We’ve been mastering our craft in the hobby for over a decade beautiful colors we’ve been able breed. 🐟We will be delighted to answer any and all questions as we love to talk fish. 🐟 We can’t wait to help you fill your aquarium with gorgeous new additions

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Ships from Kansas
Reaches up to 3"
Minimum Tank Size - 75 Gallons

Shipping Timeline

  • Jul 21


  • Jul 22 - 23


  • Jul 22 - 23


  • Jul 21


  • Jul 22 - 23


  • Jul 24 - 26


Water Chemistry

Water Parameters
pH 7.5 pH
Temperature 79°F

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