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This is a hardy little fish. It helps keep the tank clean. Eats the algae on the glass of the tank, and the occasional shrimp pellet or algae pellet (for smaller tanks). Leaves very little to relatively little waste behind in the tank. Gets along great with all manner of freshwater fish, including koi, gourami, tetras, glofish, goldfish, pictus catfish, cory catfish, minnows, mollies, red tail sharks, etc... Is mostly nocturnal, and needs/likes someplace to hide during the day, for example, a dark place behind some weeds, a cave or cave-like tank decoration, or simply a secluded corner of the tank glass to hang. While he is not the most active of fish in the daytime, he is still one of the coolest-looking fish you can have in your freshwater tank. Right now, he is about 6 inches long, requiring at the bare minimum, a 10-12 gallon tank. The species grows to the size of the tank, so in a 10-12 gallon, he will not grow much. However, if put in a larger tank, can grow to an excess of 12 inches long. The technical recommendation for a pleco of his size is 50 - 75 gallons. However, he has lived rather happily in a 10-gallon for years, especially with only a handful of small tetras as tank mates. You can have the two glofish he lives with for free. They come with the rest of our bag of shrimp pellets and algae pellets. Does not come with a tank or decorations. This site requires you to put in shipping. The fish are pick-up only in Apex or Cary.

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Ships from North Carolina
Reaches up to 12"
Minimum Tank Size - 12 Gallons

Shipping Timeline

  • Apr 18


  • Apr 19 - 20


  • Apr 19 - 20


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  • Apr 19 - 20


  • Apr 21 - 23


Water Chemistry

Recommended Ranges
pH 7.0-8.0 pH
Temperature 74-80°F

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