Green Elephant Ear Mushroom


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This cool, green coral is a flat, colonizing mushroom. It will continuously grow, and create a large "sheet" of mushrooms to cover a rock. This specimen is roughly 4 inches and a rock. They are highly photosynthetic, and require feedings of mysis from time to time.

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Owner and proprietor Tim Ilch has been building his business since he was 6 years old. From his first freshwater fish tank, to his personal 300 gallon salt water display to his 9 dart frog aquariums, this isn’t just a passion, this is his life. This self-taught fish-man got his degree in marketing and business, and put it to work to build JC Aquaria in 2010. Some of his most unique work has been done for his clients, now friends.

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Ships from New Jersey
Reaches up to 6"
Minimum Tank Size - 55 Gallons

Shipping Timeline

  • Jul 21


  • Jul 22 - 23


  • Jul 22 - 23


  • Jul 21


  • Jul 22 - 23


  • Jul 23 - 25


Water Chemistry

Recommended Ranges
pH 7.8-8.2 pH
KH 10-14 KH
GH 78-82 GH
Temperature 77-82°F
Specific Gravity 1.020-1.026 SG

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