Spider Wood Driftwood (4x6")

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Spiderwood is perfect as a central focus piece, or as a framework for creative moss projects! This size is just right for a 5 gallon nano tank. These are a must-have for shrimp tanks, as they provide shelter for breeding, edible bio-films, and wonderful tannins in the water as they break down. They are also useful as a Ph buffer in quantities. Untreated spiderwood will eventually break down in the aquarium. This is a completely desirable and natural process, and makes your shrimp and fish feel right at home. Depending upon the thickness, I'd say about five years is a reasonable expectation. Spiderwood may need to be boiled for a few minutes in order to sink immediately. You could always float it directly in your tank, and it should sink on its own in a few days. Use it in focal arrangements, or use Cyanoacrylate Super glue to attach Anubias, moss, or Java fern to it! Be sure both surfaces are as dry as possible before using the super glue, else it won't take! Shipped free Mondays/ Fridays via USPS First class, Thanks everyone! Cassandra at GlassGrown.com

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Miche October 18, 2023

Nice variety of plants! Arrived quickly and in great condition! Thanks

Scooter May 17, 2022

Arrived on time and alive! well packaged and healthy! will be ordering again!