18 Tricolor Glitter Medaka, B Grade

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You are buying a group of 18 tricolor glitter(ラメ)medaka. These tricolors are B grade because they have little to no red coloration. Despite the B grade, these fish are gorgeous and covered in lame. Lame (ラメ) are shiny, glittering scales scattered across the medaka. Medaka, Japanese rice fish (Oryzias latipes), are hardy colorful fish that have been kept as pets in Japan for hundreds of years. Medaka are very peaceful and are great for nano tanks, planted tanks, community aquariums, and ponds. Medaka are hardy like goldfish and are traditionally kept in small ceramic pots and patio ponds in Japan without heating or filtration. Japanese rice fish can tolerate water temperatures from 33-104 degrees Fahrenheit (1-40 Celsius) but prefer more moderate temperatures of 59-82 Fahrenheit (15-28 Celsius). Aeration should be provided if water temperatures are above 82 F. Water pH and hardness are not critical and medaka can thrive in a wide range of water conditions from fresh to brackish. Medaka will eat a wide variety of food including flake, pellet, frozen, and live foods. Medaka grow to 1.5 inches and females can lay 10-20 eggs per day during the breeding season from May to August. Eggs take 7-14 days to hatch depending on temperature. Females will carry around fertilized eggs before depositing them on plants like water hyacinth and java moss. Medaka can lay eggs on spawning mops or spawning beds made from yarn or scrubbing pads.

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I breed medaka and corydoras. You have probably seen me on Aquabid, Ebay, or Reddit's r/aquaswap. Ebay: Calculator30000, Aquabid: Kinkakuji, Reddit: TheEffIsThis

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Water Chemistry

Recommended Ranges
pH 6.0-8.8 pH
KH 00-10 KH
Temperature 33-99°F

Fshpmp77 December 04, 2023

All fish arrived alive and healthy. The order was split into 2 seperate breather bags and very well packed also

Blue Bolt Shrimp Co
Blue Bolt Shrimp Co March 01, 2024

Received 9 fish in great condition even though I was only supposed to get 8. The fish look amazing and I cannot wait to watch them grow!

Miche December 11, 2023

Quickly and securely shipped! I was nervous because they sat outside a bit in the cold. They've been acclimated and are exploring. Beautiful fish at a great price, I'll be back for more!

Fshpmp77 December 04, 2023

All fish arrived alive and healthy. The order was split into 2 seperate breather bags and very well packed also