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Horseshoe crab for sale make the best sand sifters and will keep your substrate clean and healthy. Helps promote the good bacteria in the reef tank sand bed. Horseshoe crabs are great sand sifters helping to control nuisance slime algae like cyano bacteria in the substrate. Buy horseshoe crabs to add to your clean up crew and you get a hard working efficient little creature and adorable to watch. Horseshoe crabs spend their active time burrowing and plowing through the sand bed looking for food. Horseshoe crabs are a great way to keep the substrate in the saltwater reef aquarium aerated and clean looking. Baby Horseshoe Crabs for coral tank aquariums. You will fall in love with their cuteness. Most predators don't mess with horseshoe crabs because it has a hard shell and spikes and it's tail that it whips around when attacked. Just like lobster out on the reef. Most fish don't mess with lobsters. About the only predator that will eat a lobster is a large octopus and a large grouper. Horseshoe crabs are reef safe and non aggressive towards other tank mates. Please do further research as needed! Due to variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image provided. Approximate size range may also vary between individual specimen. Approx size 1.5 - 4 INCHES MIX SIZES

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