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These Onyx Mystery snails get larger (between 2- 3 inches), and are voracious algae and detritus eaters. They'll even attack hair algae! So attractive and striking in the planted tank, these are completely peaceful little creatures, and will quickly clean up any waste left over by other inhabitants. They are shrimp safe, and will not eat living plant tissue. Curiously, Mystery snails regularly make trips outside the water, using a 'Siphon' of sorts. Be sure to keep your water line a few inches from the edge of your tank to allow them to roam! These little guys play such an important role in a balanced aquarium! They are nature's recyclers, and work tirelessly to scrub detritus, algae and fish poo from your tank. Peaceful and easy- going, these snails do not eat live plants, but you may see them resting on green foliage in order to scrub away any algae or biofilms on the surface. These guys are undemanding, but would prefer a planted, community tank within normal parameters. They do like a bit of cuttlebone here and there to keep their shells hard and clear. Keep your PH above 7, or their shells could begin to erode! These snails may reproduce in a freshwater aquarium if you keep more than one together. They'll climb up above the surface of your water (keep a good lid), and lay a clutch of pearly eggs. Simply remove if you do not want more snails around. Shipped Via USPS First Class Package, Mondays and Fridays. Thanks for looking! Cassandra

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Water Chemistry

Recommended Ranges
pH 7.0-8.0 pH
GH 70-80 GH
Temperature 68-80°F

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Melissa Barker
Melissa Barker March 27, 2024

I got my blue mystery snail. He was alive, thank goodness. He is thriving in my tank. I didn't think I would even like having a snail, but he's very interesting to watch, so active. I'm only giving 4 stars because I never got a tracking number. I didn't know it had shipped, and our USPS service is terrible here. I was checking the mail daily. I ordered March 27th, and it arrived April 1st.

Miche October 18, 2023

Nice variety of plants! Arrived quickly and in great condition! Thanks

Scooter May 17, 2022

Arrived on time and alive! well packaged and healthy! will be ordering again!