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They are well known for their bright colors and aggressive, territorial nature. They can generally be kept in groups of the same species but mixing them with other species can be challenging). Most are omnivorous and will feed on both fresh and frozen meat. In addition to their non-fussy eating, they are extremely hardy which makes them ideal for inexperienced keepers. New fish keepers like its forgiving nature. It isn’t “bulletproof” but can tolerate poor water conditions if you make a cycling mistake. The Blue Damselfish is territorial and will become aggressive if a fish intrudes on its patch; it will chase and nip at subordinate fish. Habitat-coral or rocks

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Freshwater enthusiast, especially Discus. I was talked into saltwater tank for the first time, but have decided to go back to a tank I can care for myself because I know what I am doing.


Reaches up to 3"
Minimum Tank Size - 30 Gallons

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