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1 crab Colors vary •Neat little amphibious pet •Can be kept in small groups •3:1 land ratio •Lots of plants and hiding spots •Small gravel or sand for borrowing •provide calcium rich foods *TIGHT FITTING LIDS they love to climb *DO NOT USE COPPER *always read fertilizers and medicines *caution using salt

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🌱 A stylist with a passion for science.. I have a house full of “ecosystems” and they just keep making more babies and the plants keep growing.. so here we are .. please buy my pretty fish and plants 🌱 🐌 I try my best to remove snails and eggs from plants .. you may receive some hitchhikers! They WILL NOT harm plants 🐌 🫧 Any questions concerns or request?? FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE!!🫧

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Minimum Tank Size - 5 Gallons

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  • Jun 3 - 6


Water Chemistry

Recommended Ranges
pH 7.0-8.0 pH
Temperature 70-80°F

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AquaFlora December 02, 2023

Arrived healthy and alive

Dwarf Sagittaria
Purchased: Dwarf Sagittaria