Red Sea Reefer Max S-700 G2+

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With the release of the REEFER DC Skimmer, ReefRun DC Pump and ReefATO+, Red Sea has finally completed the creation of an all-encompassing, ReefBeat App-operated ecosystem that caters to all reef system requirements. The REEFER MAX comes with all their smart lighting, filtration and circulation devices so the hobbyist can enjoy the full ecosystem experience, and be at ease knowing that all the essential equipment is included and compatible. Includes: ReefLED – reef-safe lights with a light intensity and spectrum that is 100% utilized by ReefMat – fully automated roller filter with a unique mat replacement system that allows to switch rolls with zero hassle. ReefWave – silent and powerful wave pumps with gyre patented, cross-flow technology. REEFER DC Skimmer – with game-changing self-leveling technology that prevents over-skimming and full cup spillage. ReefRun DC Pump – powerful, energy efficient return pump with complete automation options. ReefATO+ - an exceptionally reliable auto top-off system with a temperature monitor and Titanium leak detector. Slide Out Control Panel – the perfect solution for easy mounting and access to controllers, dosers and other devices.

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Owner and proprietor Tim Ilch has been building his business since he was 6 years old. From his first freshwater fish tank, to his personal 300 gallon salt water display to his 9 dart frog aquariums, this isn’t just a passion, this is his life. This self-taught fish-man got his degree in marketing and business, and put it to work to build JC Aquaria in 2010. Some of his most unique work has been done for his clients, now friends.


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