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Amphipods, copepods and assorted micro fauna are excellent additions to your main tank or refugium. Most of these tiny critters are detrivors or micro algae eaters. They are also a tremendous food source for fish and inverts of all kinds. Our Portion o' Pods contains approximately one hundred assorted pods. I've compared prices, You won't beat this price ANYWHERE! GUARANTEED!! Lately, we have found that our pod portions have contained mostly amphipods. You will likely also see a few isopods and a few assorted other creatures such as: skeleton shrimp, tiny feather duster worms, small sea squirts small ghost shrimp and other forms of micro fauna. Our pods are shipped with oxygen in medium bags for transport. Our pods are also available via a convenient subscription option. You will never have to worry about running out of live foods again. Our pods can be shipped to you automatically each month, every two weeks, or every week. You select how often you need them delivered, change or cancel at any time.

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I have been raising tropical fish for over 45 years. I have been breeding raising, and selling tropical fish for nearly 30 years. We ship tropical fish all over the country in all kinds of weather.

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Light Fish provides a live arrival guarantee on all aquatic plants, fish, invertebrates, and coral. If any issues arise during delivery, we kindly request that you send an email within 2 hours of receiving your order to support@light.fish, including a clear photo of the unopened package. Customers are eligible to receive a 100% refund, including the cost of shipping.


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  • Jun 20 - 22


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Specific Gravity 1.019-1.030 SG

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