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I have personally bred these High-Grade Blue Velvet Shrimp for years to attain a beautiful blue coloration. Sharing the same care requirements as other Neocaridina shrimp, these small invertebrates look stunning in any freshwater aquarium. Hobbyists who purchase 15 at once are guaranteed a mix of males and females.

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I am a hobbyist/breeder and enjoy raising quality fish and offering them to fellow hobbyist at great prices. I have been breeding, raising, and shipping fish for 15 years. I specialize in bristlenose plecos all colors long and short fin, guppies, and shrimp. My fish room is completely disease free with absolutely no medications or chemicals ever used in my tanks. All fish/shrimp I list for sale are bred and raised by me in my fish room. A few of you may know me from Aquabid.

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Ships from New Jersey
Reaches up to 1"
Minimum Tank Size - 5 Gallons

Shipping Timeline

  • Jun 17


  • Jun 20 - 22


  • Jun 20 - 22


  • Jun 17


  • Jun 20 - 22


  • Jun 22 - 25


Water Chemistry

Jeff Calabrese's
Water Parameters
pH 7 pH
Temperature 78°F

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There are no reviews for this seller yet. Share your experience after purchasing from Jeff Calabrese.